American Myth 2020

A series of 20 ink prints examines the circular influence of education, access to information, and social mobility. I meld infographics with mid-century imagery to create visual narratives that explore America’s past and future. This work considers how greater investment in the public commons – schools, libraries and public media - would strengthen society by increasing empathy, equitable opportunities, and community conversations. My goal is to show how the transfer of knowledge can revitalize democracy.

Elizabeth Langley

I created Localscapes in 2017 as a way of exploring Tucson through small oil paintings on stained wooden blocks. Inspired by the city’s bright sunshine and sharp shadows, as well as Tucson’s unique mix of modern and historic, I capture iconic and everyday places with midcentury lines and colors and a touch of the desert. I use single-point perspective to pull the viewer into the piece and paint several thin layers, blending the hues to the hide brush strokes so that the image simply becomes an extension of the surface.

During quarantine, I started experimenting with linocuts and block printing, trying different techniques to see where it takes me. In the Spring of 2020 I released a new collection of original prints + cards to purchase individually or as a set.


*Market image top and bottom of page courtesy of Julius Schlosburg.

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